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Funkd VS Legacy直播流未能及时反馈,盘口取消
Version No 1.0
File size 7.75MB
Supported model(iOS installation guidance) IOS8.0+  Android4.0+
iOS installation guidance

1.In iOS9, when running, Apple carries out more stringent restriction for enterprises' application of signature. So in iOS9, when the application is installed after enterprises sign, it can't be directly started. Under default situation, when an application with enterprise signature is run in iOS9, it will pop up similar tips like this:

2.It can be seen that the application is no longer directly started as the previous version, but it will pop up a security tip. At this moment, if we confirm that it is safe to run the application, we can follow the following steps to set;

3.Open the Settings - General - Description file (it is called Device management after iOS 9.2) in the system. At this time, you can see there is a description file similar to the text in the tips popped up just now. Then, click the corresponding description file to enter, and click the trust button, to make the system allow the application with this certificate to run. It is shown as in the figure:

4.We can then return to the desktop and run the previous application again, we will find that the application can be opened normally.

5.The whole steps are shown as in the following figure: